Xoán Antón Pérez Lema | Pérez Lema - Abogados y consultores | A Coruña
Despacho de abogados ubicado en A Coruña. Áreas de negocio: derecho administrativo, derecho concursal, derecho del consumidor, derecho mercantil, derecho penal, político y social, reclamaciones del consumidor.
despacho de abogados, áreas de negocio: derecho administrativo, derecho concursal, derecho del consumidor, derecho mercantil, derecho penal, político y social, reclamaciones del consumidor
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Xoán Antón Pérez Lema

Lawyer. Managing partner.

Born in A Coruña, Xoán Antón graduated in Law from ICAI-ICADE Comillas Pontifical University and qualified as a Business Legal Counsel (E-1 programme) at the same university. He studied on the “European Public and Devolved Law” doctoral programme at Santiago de Compostela University and has been a practising lawyer since 1990.

He was Chief of Staff for the President’s Office and Public Administration at the Galician government from 1987 to 1990 (under Pablo González Mariñas), and General Secretary for Institutional Relations for the Vice-presidency of the Galician government from 2007-2009 (under Anxo Quintana). As Legal Counsel for the Galician Youth Council (1991-1998), he provided legal defense for conscientious objectors and non-compliants until mandatory military service ended.

He was a teacher at the Legal Practise School within A Coruña Law School, and delivered classes on “Administrative Procedure” and “Contentious-Administrative Procedure”. He also taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vigo. He teaches on the business law counsel programme at the Business Finance and Training Institute (IFFE) in the area of “The Internationalisation of the Legal Profession”.

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Ledicia Martínez Silvosa


Ledicia has a degree in Law from the University of A Coruña and prepared civil service examinations for the Galician Government Administration Senior Body. She is a specialist in Consumer Law and has broad experience in claims against incorrct banking practises and arbitrary and judicial proceedings relating to complex financial products, such as preferred shares participation, subordinate bonds, swaps or abusive rates in mortgage lending (minimum-rate clauses). Similarly, she also has experience in claims relating to the subsidization of mortage lending for Galician social housing relating to administrative as well as contentious-administrative actions.

Susana Moreno Mera

Chief Administrator

Susana took a degree in Philosphy and Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and holds a Teacher Training Certificate (CAP) from the Catalan Study Instute. In Barcelona, she qualified as an Executive Secretary at the London Language Centre and as an SMEs Secretary at OFASEM. She has worked as a sales representative for pharmaceutical laboratories, insurance brokers and in the business sector. In addition, she has wide experience in legal office, advertising and information technology company administration, and extensive knowledge of I.T., office skills, archiving techniques, business accounting and management.


Emilia Pardo Porta


Emilia has a degree in Law from the University of  Santiago de Compostela. She prepared civil service examinations for the Galician Government Legal Senior Body and worked as an instructor in legal subjects for the preparation of civil service examinations for local, devolved and national government. She is a specialist in Labour and Civil Law, with wide experience in both these fields. She has extensive experience in judicial litigation, management of employment regulation cases, litigation concerning dismissals, the drafting of dismissal letters and conflicts over tenancies and claims amounts.

David Rodríguez Fidalgo


David has a degree in Law and Political Science and Public Administration from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He continued his education with a Master in European Union Law from the same University. He began his career as a lawyer in Uría Menéndez. He is a specialist in Administrative Law, with wide experience in providing legal advice to public and private entities in that legal area (sanctioning procedures, public procurement, licensing and authorisations, liability of public authorities, expropriations, Public property, public administration employees, etc.). He appears primarily before Spain’s contentious-administrative courts and the Constitutional Court.


Other professionals

Economists, lawyers (self-employed and members of other legal firms), engineers and other experts and consultants are part of the Perez-Lema Lawyers and Consultants team.